12.00 News in brief


12.00 News in brief

-Vasilissis Sofias street is closed at this hour as pensioners have gathered outside the Greek Parliament building, on Syntagma Square.

-Global stocks plunge as US and China trade war escalates following latest Trump tariff threat.

-Today buses in Attica will only run until 9pm, while on Thursday they will hold a work freeze from 11am to 5pm.

-The cabinet of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) approved on Monday the draft bill that will ratify the agreement with Greece resolving the name issue.

According to procedure, the parliament convenes today to discuss the need to adopt the ratification, a preliminary step that requires a simple majority. It will then be brought before the plenum, which must vote on it by Friday.

-Alternate Economy and Development Minister Alexis Charitsis and US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt attended a dinner within the framework of the Greek Investment Roadshow 2018 in New York.

«We are only a few weeks away from exiting the memorandum, but the change is already here,» Charitsis said. «The current economic situation is improving,” he added.

-Three Albanian nationals, arrested on June 13 over dozens of thefts and burglaries, escaped the police station where they were being held in Argyroupoli, southern Athens, by jumping out of the bathroom window.

The fugitives are believed to be members of a gang responsible for more than 70 burglaries in the Attica region.

-German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday hosts French President Emmanuel Macron for joint cabinet talks on EU reform, especially the flashpoint issue of immigration that divides the bloc and heaps domestic pressure on Merkel.

-Partly cloudy in Attica with occasional rain and thunderstorms expected this afternoon in the west and northern parts. The weather will improve as of tonight. Maximum temperature 28 degrees Celsius.

More news in brief tomorrow morning at 9.

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