12.00 News in brief


12.00 News in brief

-Panepistimiou stret is currently closed by a rally called by students protesting against the new law on secondary education.

-More questions are being asked about the viability of Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition in Berlin after both parties suffered heavy losses in this weekend’s regional election in the large central state of Hesse, home to the financial capital, Frankfurt.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told leaders of her Christian Democrats (CDU) that she will not seek re-election as party chairwoman at a conference in early December, a senior party source said.

-Α Boeing 737 Lion Air flight crashed early this morning , 13 minutes after takeoff, in the sea off Jakarta, Indonesia.
189 people were on board, including passengers and crew. Rescuers have released footage of plane debris and personal items floating in the water at the crash site.There has been no indication of casualties, or cause of the crash.

-A group of Greek and Albanian nationals clashed at the suburb of Gerakas. 6 people were injured, one of them is being hospitalized in a serious condition.

-«The vision on which this summit is based is becoming more and more accepted and significant, not only for our region but more widely throughout Europe,» Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his speech at the opening of the 3rd Euro-Arab Summit, held in Athens.

Referring to the fundamentals, he said that «growth is forecast at 2.1 pct in 2018 and 2.5 pct in 2019 – and these are the highest rates of the last decade, even before the crisis.»
He added that exports and investments are key drivers, with an increase of over 7 pct and 13 pct, respectively, in 2018, while he noted that the tourism sector is booming with 35 million visitors in 2018.

And the weather forecast…

Partly cloudy in Attica today with the temperature expected to reach a high of 23 degrees Celsius.

More news in brief at 1 o’clock.

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