13.00 News in brief


13.00 News in brief

-Greek MPs continue the debate on the Prespa deal ahead of a vote scheduled to take place this afternoon at 2.30. Dozens of lawmakers address the House since 10 this morning.
A new rally is underway on Syntagma square. The Syntagma Metro station is closed. Vasilissis Sofias and Akadimias (from Kanari street) streets are currently blocked by protesters.

-Ships are docked at the ports of Rafina and Lavrio. From the port of Piraeus run only routes to the Argosaronic islands, with closed-type vessels.
A further deterioration of the weather is expected for most parts of the country today.

-The second assessment of the Greek economy post-bailout era is being completed today. Creditor representatives are expected to depart from Athens. Two short reports, one from European and another one from IMF representatives are expected to follow.

-Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has said he would consider an amnesty for President Nicolás Maduro if he cedes power. Guaidó, who declared himself interim president on Wednesday, said he was reaching out to all sectors including the military to end the crisis.

-Rain and thunderstorms are expected today in Attica. The temperature at a high of 14 degrees Celsius.

More news in brief Monday morning at 9.

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