10.00 News in brief


10.00 News in brief

The Increased Surveillance report on the Greek economy is expected to be published on June 5th. The discussion for the early repayment of the IMF loan has been postponed to a later date, after the elections.

An extension is expected to be granted for the submission of tax statements until July 29, instead of June 30, due to national elections.

Political turmoil on the issue of replacing chief justices in top courts before elections continues.

«The masks have fallen,» Justice Minister Michalis Kalogirou said on Thursday, commenting on main opposition New Democracy’s earlier refusal of his invitation to seek a consensus.

Addressing the arguments put forward by the main opposition for its refusal, Kalogirou pointed out that the government was not a «caretaker government» and that Parliament had not yet been disbanded.

Αn extraordinary ministerial council has been called at 1 pm.  

A 27year old Iranian national was arrested in Athens. An international warrant had been issued for his arrest by German authorities, as he is believed to be a terrorist of the so-called Islamic state.

A fresh work freeze at the metro, the tram and the electric railway tonight after 10 pm. Employees complain of the lack of personnel and spare parts.

Today our radio station –Athina 984 fm- celebrates its 32 years of operation.

Austria has named a top lawyer, Brigitte Bierlein, to be interim chancellor – the first woman to occupy the post – ahead of early elections.

She replaces Sebastian Kurz, whose government lost a confidence vote in parliament over a video sting scandal.

And the weather forecast…

Sunny in Attica this morning with the temperature expected to reach a high of 29 degrees Celsius.

More news in brief at 11 o’clock.

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