11.00 News in brief


11.00 News in brief

A police operation was concluded earlier at an apartment building on 4 Stournari street in the area of Exarcheia. The building is one of the two police raided yesterday and arrested two persons.

53 persons were detained, 25 of which were arrested in clashes in downtown Athens during events to mark the 46th anniversary of the November 17th Polytechnic school uprising. One young lady and two police officers were reportedly injured.

In the meantime different incidents occured in several parts of Attica during the night.

Unknown persons threw 3 mototov coctail bombs outside the Agia Paraskevi police station at 3.30 am.

At around 5 am three persons broke the entrance of Titan company in the suburb of Nea Philadephia. A few minutes later the offices of AVAX construction company were attacked at Amarousiou Avenue. A similar attack was also reported in a building hosting several companies at 18-20 Chalandriou-Amarousiou street. Rouvikonas self-styled anarchist group took responsibility for the attacks in Marousi and Nea Philadephia.

Greece’s media campaign to promote Macedonian products has irked Skopje’s government.

Dissent came following the launch of a campaign, with the slogan ‘Macedonia the GReat’, on 14 November.

North Macedonia accuses the Greek government for acting unilaterally to undermine the spirit of cooperation between the two countries developed following the Prespes Agreement.

Tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas has beaten Dominic Thiem (tim) in 3 sets to win ATP Finals title.

Tsitsipas became the youngest ATP Finals champion in 18 years.

This coming Wednesday, November 20th, the Acropolis site will be lit in the colors of UNICEF, to mark thirty years from the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has backed 50% petrol price increases that have sparked protests across Iran, claiming opponents of the Islamic Republic and foreign enemies were guilty of sabotage.

And the weather forecast…

Cloudy in Attica today with rain expected later on. The temperature will reach a high of 20 degrees Celsious.

More news in brief tomorrow morning at 9.

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