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Sunday, October 17, 2021

The INNOVATHENS program for September


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The INNOVATHENS training program for October

INNOVATHENS, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens in Gazi, continues the exciting educational program of workshops and free seminars, specially designed ...

Tennis, Athletics and Self Defense at OPANDA

The registrations for the Sports Learning Academies (tennis, athletics and self-defense) of OPANDA open on Friday 17/09/21, for children 6-15 years old, adults, and candidates ...

INNOVATHENS, the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, inaugurates the educational season with a specially designed according to the needs of the market and the trends of modern business.

All workshops are aimed at professionals and executives, young entrepreneurs, students and all those who wish to develop their skills in a number of areas such as digital marketing, social media, entrepreneurship and management.

Via ZOOM - For a limited number of participants

The workshops can be attended by everyone wherever they are, as they will be held online, through ZOOM, for a limited number of participants. The presentation is made by Gerasimos Tzamarelos, holds a PhD in marketing management, with more than 9.500 hours of lectures on his resume.

The program

The program starts on Monday, August 30, 2021 with the 3-day, 12-hour workshop Digital Marketing Start Pack (hours 11.00-15.00) which will give a 360 ° view of the sought after digital marketing to all those who want to start their presence on the internet. Through practical examples, the workshop will examine what is digital marketing, SEO and content marketing and what is their importance on websites.

On the same day (30.08) the 4-day Professional Digital Marketing starts (hours 17.30-21.00). This is a complete practical 16-hour program aimed at professionals who manage websites, e-shops and blogs. Through its broad and detailed topics, this specialized program will offer participants the know how to manage their website. The program will be repeated on September 20-23.

On Monday, September 6, 2021 (hours 17.00-21.00), the Instagram & Pinterest Marketing Strategy workshop will thoroughly analyze the possibilities provided by the two powerful social media. Participants will learn, among other things, how to set up a successful marketing strategy on these two specific channels, how important storytelling is and what is the most effective way for the organic development of the audience.

On September 8, 2021 (hours 17.00-21.00), the seminar Entrepreneurship & New Start will provide all the necessary information that a young entrepreneur needs to start his business and its smooth operation afterwards. The marketing module could not be missing from the material of the workshop, as it aims at the most effective performance of each business from the beginning onwards.

On September 13-14 comes the 2-day, 8-hour Event Management workshop (hours 17.30-21.00) which will train participants in designing an event from scratch. This is a complete workshop aimed at business executives and freelancers who are active in the field of events, event department directors but also students and graduates.

Immediately after, on September 15-16 (hours 17.30-21.00), another concept of management will be examined: the reason for Project Management that will present all the steps for the creation and implementation of a project, in collaboration with all members of a working group. The workshop will also examine crisis management, a key unit for the industry and any potential leaders.


  • Digital Marketing Start Pack: 30.08-01.09 | 11: 00-15: 00 | € 120
    € 60 INNOVATHENS Members
  • Professional Digital Marketing: 30.08-02.09 & 20.09-23.09 | 17: 30-21: 00 | € 160
    € 80 INNOVATHENS Members
  • Instagram & Pinterest Marketing Strategy: 06.09 | 17: 00-21: 00 | 40 €, 20 € INNOVATHENS Members
  • Entrepreneurship & New Starts: 08.09: 17-00: 21 | € 00
    € 20 INNOVATHENS Members
  • Event Management: 13-14.09 | 17: 30-21: 00 | € 80
    € 40 INNOVATHENS Members
  • Project Management: 15-16.09 | 17: 30-21: 00 | € 80
    € 40 INNOVATHENS Members

Detailed information about all the laboratories can be found in the official INNOVATHENS website.

Edited by: Kalliopi Aslanidou

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